Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Word For Your Week Weekly Devotionals/ Having vs. BEING

Having vs. Being

What makes you are the obstacles of life. Ultimate knowledge is true understanding of your position in Christ. Understanding your position in Christ enables you to function in your full capacity (your gifting and design for being). Money, on the other hand, can give you an artificial sense of temporary control based off of the material desires of people to be considered successful or in a certain class of people. Those who focus on having and not BEING are trapped in an illusion. Freedom is BEING, not having. There are thousands of people existing in life just in pursuit of having things. Whether it's a big, fancy car or the latest trendy clothes and electronics. BEING is to be complete, being fulfilled with the journey this life gives you. Having is not designed to fulfill you, but better yet, it is an opportunity and privilege to give to others.

Monday, November 3, 2014

You have The Right!

You Have the Right!
Do you believe that you are RIGHTEOUS? If so, you have rights. What are those RIGHTS? You have the RIGHT to PEACE! Peace is having an understanding that everything you need has already been given to you. You have a RIGHT to QUIETNESS, which involves a confident trust that speaks without you saying a word (Isaiah 32:17). Negative emotions are designed to steal what GOD has already said is yours. Psalms 103:3-6 states that because we are considered RIGHTEOUS, all of your iniquities are forgiven. ALL of your diseases are HEALED. Our life has been redeemed from the pit of corruption. We have been beautified, dignified, and have been crowned with loving kindness and tender MERCY. We have been satisfied with necessity and desires at our personal age and situation with GOOD, so that our youth is renewed like the eagles (STRONG, overcoming, and soaring). He executes RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE for ALL who are oppressed. So why do we worry if we have it right (RIGHTEOUSNESS)? Worrying and being anxious will cause issues. The BIBLE clearly states in Matthew 6:33 how to RECEIVE. "Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD (HIS way of doing things) and these things shall be added." What are these things? RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE, and JOY! We are sons of GOD, no longer servants, which means we have a different level of access.  As children of God, we don't have to ask for permission. We simply have to make a withdrawal from what is there and has already been made available to us. Start making that withdrawal by BELIEVING, followed by CONFESSING. If it's in the WORD, it has already been made available to you...so confess it! Belief and confession go hand in hand. If you believe something you confess it. We are made righteous, not by anything we have done, but through BELIEVING (Romans 10:6-10). Hold fast to your confession of FAITH and RECEIVE WHAT HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU (Hebrews 10:17-23). You have a RIGHT and with that right you must come boldly to the throne of GRACE to obtain GOD'S MERCY (not getting deserved punishment but blessings instead).  I want to encourage you to start practicing your RIGHTS and RECEIVE THE MANIFESTATION ATTACHED TO IT. No more worry, but be confident in your BLOOD BOUGHT RIGHTS!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Was just talking to a close friend of mine that believes there seasoned when it comes to relationships, but has there guard up when it comes to dating because of hurt from a previous relationship. I don't call that seasoned, because a seasoned person knows that putting your guards up; only blocks you from what GOD is trying to bring to you. Am I saying to let everyone play with your feelings and emotions ? NO! But I am saying, USE YOUR DISCERNMENT; that GOD given ability to judge the things that come your way. Make sure people line up with THE VALUES AND PRINCIPLES YOU LIVE BY. DEMAND THE RESPECT YOU GIVE. If the people that come into your space don't line up..UNDERSTAND THEY ARE NOT THE ONE! SO STOP TRYING TO MAKE THEM BE WHO THERE NOT....DESPERATE PEOPLE COMPROMISE AND FIND THEMSELVES ABUSED AND MISTREATED, because COMPROMISE IN THIS REGARD, IS SIMPLY CHANGING YOUR BELIEFS TO FIT SOMEONE ELSE'S..!!! True SEASONED FOLK NO THE DIFFERENCE...and don't get it twisted, SEASONED DOESN'T ALWAYS HAVE TO DO WITH AGE. Some people don't need 20 years of the same experiences to learn how to change there methodology on doing things. Women especially! GOD has given y'all something us men don't posses (INTUITION!!!). The BIBLE SAY YOUR GIFTS WILL MAKE ROOM FOR YOU AND PUT YOU IN THE COMPANY OF KINGS AND QUEENS..!!! So put your guards down and use the the GOD given GIFT OF DISCERNMENT... LEARN from your past and YOU WILL PERFECT YOUR FUTUR..!!! Be Blessed my friends and stay tuned for my next GOD inspired Blog of the day..!!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The road least traveled

 As I sit here in this beautiful and fabulous villa (St Maartan) meditating on HOW GOOD my GOD has been to me and how many people have missed the true meaning of being FREE. So many people think only of what they want, instead of what GOD has for them, or better yet what HE has already prepared for them. I read a book today called " The Road Less Traveled". The book was so on point about complacency in people. Not in the sense of being unwilling to work, but not willing to ask GOD what to do in any given situation, because it could mean doing something that could cause temporary pain or suffering. Most people would rather simply hope that their way works, rather than train themselves to obey the voice of God,and receive his best for them. If you believe there is a GOD and that HE loves you and he has your best interest at heart, why not ask HIM what to do, and be OBEDIENT TO HIS RESPONSE? Even though it may cause suffering or pain, you have to know it's for your GOOD...RIGHT? When we were children our parents would say NO! to some things because they knew something we didn't know, concerning whatever it was that we wanted at the time. We would cry and get upset, because it was something we really wanted to do or have. We would go through all kind of emotions because we thought it was so unfair, then later on in life we would learn and realize that by our parents saying No, saved us from all kinds of pain and suffering. Some of us even raise children, and have to tell them no for the same reasons. Is it our intent to want our children to suffer? Or do we love our children and understand that all that we desire is not healthy for their growth and development? GOD is the same with us as adults. If we really take the time to ask, HE will show you why some roads are the least traveled or that shouldn't be traveled at all. GOD is an Omnipotent, all powerful,Omniscient, all knowing and Omnipresent,everywhere at the same time God! HE WANTS AND HAS IN MIND THE BEST FOR US. HE KNOWS WHAT WE NEED AND WHEN WE NEED IT. You can rest assured that everything we are suppose to have; we will have, when HE says we are ready. It's only painful and considered suffering when we don't want to wait, get lazy and don't want to do the work (BELIEVE). I've been guilty of this same behavior. When I want something I want it now! Relationships, money, different career moves...ect... I've purchased things that weren't wise, and had to suffer later because it wasn't the right time or season, but It was something I had to have now. How many times have you done something that came back to bite you? If you would of just waited, it would of been a BLESSING instead of a Burden. His yoke is easy and his Burdens are light! GODS WORD says; that HIS BLESSINGS COMES WITHOUT HARDSHIP. THE THINGS THAT YOU WANT SO BADLY, BE COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO WAIT ON IT AND ASK GOD FOR THE WISDOM AND COURAGE TO GO THROUGH WHAT IS NECESSARY TO OBTAIN IT. HAVE YOU EVERY ASKED YOURSELF WHY ADAM AND EVE, NEVER ASK GOD WHY THEY COULDN'T EAT FROM THE TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL? They had specific instruction not to eat it, and they disobeyed. Why? Were they afraid HE might not respond? Or were they too lazy and didn't want to hear HIM? Because it may involve to much effort on their part? I'm sure they didn't know the ramifications of there disobedience, like so many of us today. Do you really understand the ramifications of your actions when you disobey God?or Do you feel like you're grown and you can do whatever you want? True enough HE has given us FREE WILL to make our own choices, but that doesn't mean we can do what ever we want, or that there won't be consequences. Do you count the cost of every decision you make? Do you really understand that doing GOOD doesn't always mean its the RIGHT thing? As a BELIEVER IN CHRIST, I can look back over my life and say I've missed many opportunities to be lead by GODS Perfect Will, THINKING I KNEW what to do and when to do it. I've taken many so called short cuts that I felt would cost me the least amount of pain and misery possible, and was dead wrong. In fact it cost me more than I gained. How many of you have gotten into relationships with people you didn't ask GOD for. Even better, GOT out of relationships GOD said you could have, but because that relationship was challenging, you took the so-called easy way out. Have you ever asked yourself maybe that's what you needed to become the wife or husband, HE intends you to be? WE are lazy by nature and it takes true maturity to RECEIVE EVERYTHING GOD HAS FOR YOU. IT MAY FEEL A LITTLE painful (if you are not truly surrendered to HIM), It requires discipline. It's a Must process, HE sometimes uses for our growth and development. I'm not dismayed anymore when people walk in and out of my life, because I'm Assured in HIS WORD THAT ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD, FOR THEM THAT ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PLAN AND PURPOSE. Even though I miss some of those relationships The KEY word HERE, is HIS PLAN AND HIS PURPOSE. As BELIEVERS; WE ARE NOT FREE TO DO WHATEVER WE WANT, BUT EVERYTHING HE WANTS. THE BEAUTY OF THIS IS THAT NO MATTER WHAT THAT MAY BE, ITS ALL ON HIM TO MAKE IT WORK FOR OUR GOOD. NOT ON US!!! As you put that in perspective, we are never lost or in a bad place, because HE'S BOUND TO HIS WORD. I don't know about you, but that takes a lot of pressure off of us trying to figure out what we need to do to secure our future. Whether it's a job or choosing the right mate. GOD knows exactly what is right for you. HE KNOWS which job that will bring HIM the most GLORY or that mate that will bring you the most fulfillment to HIS PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE. In this last 10 month of my life, I've become more obedient in TRUSTING THE VOICE OF THE LORD THAN IVE EVER BEEN, and it has proven to be the best days of my life. I no longer have had to worry about money, and relationships. Even though before this transition, I had more money and people wanting relationships with me, than most could ever hope for. It still didn't come close to the place HE has me now, because my past decisions were based on my own efforts and not HIS GUIDENCE. ITS WAS A FALSE SINCE OF SECURITY, THAT EVENTUALLY LET ME SEE THE HEARTS OF PEOPLE AND EVEN GREATER THAN THAT. IT LET ME SEE MY OWN HEART AND MOTIVATION FOR THE THINGS AND THE PEOPLE I ACCUMULATED AROUND ME. I NO LONGER CHASE MONEY, NOR THE THINGS THAT IT DRAWS TO ME. IM TOTALLY DEPENDED ON HIS LEAD, AND IT HAS GIVEN ME TRUE SECURITY AND FREEDOM. TRIPS that I WAS PAYING THOUSANDS TO ENJOY I'M ENJOYING WITH OUT THE COST, NOT BECAUSE OF WHAT I HAVE BUT BECAUSE OF WHOM I HAVE DIRECTING ME. IVE BEEN LIVING A DREAM. I NO LONGER WORK HARD, BUT SERVE HARD. HUSTLING FOR MONEY AND THINGS THAT PRODUCE RELATIONSHIPS THAT ARE BASED ON THE THINGS I ACCUMULATE ARE NO MORE. I NOW SEEK THE HEART OF PEOPLE THAT I MIGHT SOW INTO, AND IN RETURN THEY SOW BACK INTO ME, REAL GENUINE FRIENDSHIPS THAT ARE BASED ON GOOD VALUES AND PRINCIPLES THAT ARE FUNDAMENTAL TO LIFE. MY NEW CIRCLE OF CONFIDANTS ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE GENUINE WHO LOVE AND RESPECT THE GOD IN ME. GREAT PEOPLE THAT ARE DRAWN TO WHO I AM AND NOT WHAT I HAVE. THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CHOSEN BY GOD TO BLESS ME AND TO PUT A DEMAND ON HIS ANOINTING IN MY LIFE. EVEN THOUGH I REALIZE NOW, THAT THIS IS THE ROAD LEAST TRAVELED BY MOST...I IMPLORE YOU TO STARTING ASKING GOD; WHAT TO DO, HOW TO DO IT AND WITH WHOM TO DO IT WITH. IT MAY FEEL PAINFUL AND COULD CAUSE YOU A CERTAIN LEVEL OF DISCOMFORT INITIALLY, BUT IF YOU LEARN TO TRUST HIS GUIDANCE, YOU WILL SOON SEE HOW HES DEVELOPING YOU TO WALK IN HIS PERFECT WILL, WHICH WILL CAUSE YOU TO HAVE SWEAT LESS VICTORIES. TRUE HEAVEN ON EARTH (FREEDOM). BE BLEESED MY FRIENDS AND STAY TUNED TO MY NEXT GOD INSPIRED BLOG...!!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


today I was tested with the meaning of true servanthood. What is servanthood, you might be asking yourself? It's very simple. It's a passion to serve. Ministry is to serve. There is a certain level of ANOINTING, that all servants carry. Servants that are called to pastor and counsel others go through a breaking process to be built back up. Servants serve when times are hard, when there misunderstood, and in good and bad times, no matter what. When GOD calls you, your heart must be tested for authenticity. How do you Handel being poor (no body knowing you)? How do you Handel popularity (people praising you)? Are you prideful and arrogant? Being a servant challenges ones heart to be shared. You have to be able to be under authority First in order to lead. GOD can't trust you unless you trust HIM FOR EVERYTHING....!!! As I'm now working and have my own place; the responsibilities that come along with that, I've found myself questioning my true servanthood. The measuring of my ability to follow and listen to instructions given by authority. I've been slow to respond in a few corrective action measures I've had to make on the job. It's much easier not having anyone to answer to, because there is no expectations. There is know one checking on your progress. As the principle of the school I'm contracted with chastised me about things she didn't like about my program, I was forced to reevaluate my true loyalty, in serving the kids and the parents I have in my program. True and deed, I didn't like the spirit the principle approached me in but, I had to remain humble and respectful of her thoughts no matter how unprofessional she may have delivered them. We can never be controlled by another persons lack of respect or negative behavior towards use. Someone else's behavior should never dictate how we respond. If your a sweet , happy and a upbeat person, stay that way, no matter what others may do or say to you. As I close this blog, my prayer is that GOD gives you a REVELATION that will hold you in the mist of your storm. Remember! In the KINGDOM OF GOD Servanthood is a KEY TO TRUE PROSPERITY. Be BLESSED my friends and stay tune for my next GOD inspired blog of the day...!!!!